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Air Duct Repair Service

One of the essential components of your home’s HVAC system is its ductwork. When your ducts don’t function as they should, the comfort level in your Florida home will drop dramatically. The only way to regain comfort after your ductwork gets damaged is by hiring a trusted HVAC professional for duct repair services.

Air Flow Designs provides top-quality duct repair services in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, and surrounding areas. No matter what the damage may be, our team has the tools and expertise to quickly and efficiently repair your ducts and restore your home’s comfort!

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Signs You Need Air Duct Repair at Your Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa or Haines City Home

When your home’s ducts need repair, you’ll notice the signs almost immediately. Damaged ductwork results in drastic increases to your energy bills, as well as changes to your home’s comfort level; however, there are plenty of other signs homeowners can look for that will alert them to needed repairs, including:

  • Strange noises while your HVAC system is running
  • Energy bills that increase month after month
  • Uneven temperatures around your home
  • More dust throughout your home
  • Moldy or mildew odors coming from your vents
  • Pests taking up residence in your home
  • Experiencing respiratory issues
  • Dust or dirt on ceilings near vents
  • Kinked or tangled ductwork

If you notice these problems and your system is at least 10 years old, you may need duct replacement, rather than duct repair work. At Air Flow Designs, our team is specially trained to provide all duct services on any type of ductwork and HVAC system. That means you can always count on us when it’s time for HVAC and duct services.

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What to Expect During Duct Repair Service

Scheduling air duct repairs is the best way to prevent additional damage that could lead to the need for total duct replacement. At Air Flow Designs, an entire division of our company is dedicated to ductwork. In fact, our team includes experienced estimators and designers who focus on proper duct design, as well as expert duct mechanics who install thousands of homes’ ducts each year.

Other local HVAC companies don’t specialize in ductwork like we do, and several have only ever done a handful of duct projects.

That means, when you choose Air Flow Designs for your ductwork repairs, you can always expect:

  • Fully trained, licensed, and insured HVAC technicians who are NATE- and EPA-certified
  • Upfront pricing before any work begins
  • Long-lasting, effective duct repairs that will restore your home’s comfort and keep your HVAC systems operating efficiently

At Air Flow Designs, our team is subjected to a thorough drug, criminal history, and motor vehicle background check as part of our hiring process. This ensures that we only employ the finest HVAC professionals in the region for dependable, efficient duct repair and replacement services.

Don’t let your ductwork’s repair needs fly under your radar—these problems will get worse with time, and they can end up costing you more the longer you wait!

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Additional Air Duct Services from Air Flow Designs

While air duct repair is an important part of what we offer, there are other services that area homeowners can enjoy from our team. These include:

  • Duct Cleaning – Dirty air ducts can create serious indoor air quality and HVAC efficiency problems in your home. We can clean them out and help you breathe more freely.
  • Duct Replacement – While many duct problems can be repaired, sometimes ducts will need to be replaced. Our team will help you plan for replacement, then handle the task for you so you can enjoy more efficient duct work.

Whether you’re in need of air duct repair or something else, you can trust Air Flow Designs for help. Schedule a consultation to discuss your needs with our air duct pros in Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, Jacksonville, and the surrounding communities.

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When your home’s air ducts need repair, don’t settle for just any HVAC team. Air Flow Designs has the expert professionals you need to regain comfort in your Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa or Haines City home.

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Duct Repair FAQ

If you have questions about duct repair, the team at Air Flow Designs is ready to help. Here are some common questions and answers we routinely hear.

If you’re noticing that a room is cold when every other room is warm, and it’s not a problem with your HVAC system, it could mean you need duct repair. High utility bills are another symptom. Little to no airflow from the vents, an air filter that gets dirty quickly, or streaks of dust by the registers can all indicate a duct problem.
The answer to this depends on the type of repair needed. Your air duct repair professional will help you determine the total cost after a thorough inspection of your system, which should include video footage from inside your ducts.
Some homes have ducts that run under the ground. This is only true for homes that do not have a basement or crawl space, which may be true if your home is built on a slab. Your home may have underground air ducts if your vents are in the floor and you do not have a basement or crawl space to house the ducts.
Air duct leaks are a common repair need for Florida homes. Leaks cost you money because air escapes from the ducts before reaching the rooms in your home, so you are paying to cool and heat air that you never are able to enjoy in the rooms you live in.