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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Haines City

In our part of the United States, a working air conditioner is a requirement. For homes in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Haines City, life without AC is simply unbearable. AC maintenance is the key to keep your system working and cooling your home properly. Whether you’re gearing up for the hottest months of the year or are looking for routine maintenance to keep things running well, Air Flow Designs offers an effective maintenance plan to get the job done.

We have created a 27-Point AC Maintenance check that looks at everything needed to keep an air conditioner running at its best. We even back our maintenance with a 30-day guarantee, which says that if anything breaks within 30 days of our check, you won’t pay a diagnostic fee. With maintenance, you can enjoy a system that’s efficient and in good repair, so you can confidently cool your Florida home.

Is it time for maintenance on your air conditioner? In Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Haines City, Air Flow Designs is ready to help. Our 27-point inspection is one of the best in the business, so schedule yours today. You can reach out online for service today.

Why Air Flow Designs for AC Maintenance in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Haines City?

Keeping your air conditioner well maintained is vital to ensuring it will run well all year long. Air Flow Designs is ready to help you. We have 62 years in the industry, and our technicians can spot problems quickly while fine-tuning your system. We treat your home respectfully, so you can hire us with confidence.

Schedule AC maintenance now. We proudly offer this service to homeowners in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, and Haines City. Make sure your AC is ready for the demands of cooling season by contacting our team now.

27 Ways to Show Your AC Some Love

Air Flow Designs’ exclusive 27-Point AC Maintenance, performed once or twice a year, reduces the likelihood that your system breaks down when you need it most. If any problems occur within 30 days, the diagnostic fee will be waived when our technician returns to your home.

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Air Flow Designs’
Exclusive 27-Point AC Maintenance Includes

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Does your AC need some love? We can help!

Take the Hassle Out of Maintenance with Our Protection Plans!

Don’t stress out over trying to keep track of your AC and heat pump maintenance schedule. Our preventative AC maintenance plans provide one or two maintenance calls per year—and we’ll contact you when it’s time for your next appointment. It’s never been easier.

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NEW! Snowbird Service Plan

When you live part-time in Florida, you want to make sure you enjoy every minute you’re here—and that your property is maintained every second you’re not. Air Flow Designs is proud to introduce our brand-new Snowbird Service Plan, which includes:

  • Standard coverage under our Bronze Protection Plan
  • Pre-scheduled filter delivery and/or changes
  • Smart thermostat and installation to regulate property temperature—and send you email alerts if there’s an AC problem while you’re out of town
  • A “Welcome Back” service call to perform our 27-Point Maintenance on your AC system at your convenience—whether it’s before or immediately after your arrival in Florida!
  • Optional duct cleaning is also available at a special Snowbird price!

Our Snowbird Service Plan is available for all types, brands, makes, and models of cooling systems, from central air conditioners to heat pumps and more!

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Part-time Florida resident looking for AC maintenance? Contact us today about our brand-new Snowbird Service Plan!