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Cool Off Fast with Air Conditioner Repair Service for $79 Flat

When you need air conditioner repair for your home, don’t be tempted to settle for a cut-rate “quick fix” for relief. These types of quick undetailed fixes are short-lived and more expensive in the long run.

At Air Flow Designs, we believe your home and wallet deserve no hidden home air conditioning repair costs. For a one-time charge of $79, you get our air conditioner repair service experts on your side:

  • We come to your home at your convenience
  • We provide a complete diagnosis of your home’s air conditioning system to find the real problem
  • We quote a flat rate for the total cost of your air conditioner repair
  • All BEFORE any work is done (no hidden labor costs or fees!)

No hidden costs. No surcharges. No temporary fixes susceptible to breaking and costing you more down the road. Just fast, friendly expert AC repair service for one low price. Schedule a service call today, and get back in your comfort zone, faster.

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AC Repair Technician in Orlando, FL
We’ll quote a flat rate for the repair BEFORE any work is done—no hidden costs, and no surcharges!

Need a Second Opinion? Save $30 with a Competitor’s AC Repair Quote!

Provide us with a recent quote, report, or invoice from any of our competitors you’ve received in the last two weeks, and we’ll do a thorough “second opinion” diagnosis for just $49 (you save $30!) along with a flat rate quote for the repair.

Your $49 Second Opinion Air Conditioner Repair Diagnosis includes:

  • A complete diagnosis of your home air conditioning system to find the true cause of the problem
  • A comparison of our diagnosis to the competitor’s quote
  • A final quote with a flat rate for the repair
  • All BEFORE any work is done (no hidden fees!)

To schedule your Second Opinion Diagnosis for only $49, fill out the service call form on this page or give us a call today!

Air Conditioner Still Under Warranty? We’ve Got You Covered, Too!

Many manufacturer warranties cover a part but not the labor needed for the repair. We will order your part and only charge you a flat-rate fee for the repair.

With Air Flow Designs, you save money by paying by the job, not by the hour. Whether it takes us an hour or three hours to repair your system, you only pay your flat-rate labor fee.

Signs You Need Home Air Conditioner Repair

We make air conditioner troubleshooting easy. Most air conditioners need repair if certain symptoms are present.

Common home air conditioning problems include:

  1. It’s hot in your house and your AC is “on”
  2. Air conditioner not cooling home completely
  3. Air conditioning system cycling on and off too frequently
  4. AC system blowing hot due to a valve, refrigerant, or compressor issue
  5. AC unit coils are icing over
  6. Unit isn’t defrosting properly due to faulty relays, controls, or sensors
  7. Low levels of refrigerant
  8. Outdoor fan motor is struggling to function
  9. Outdoor unit fan is blocked by debris

If you’re experiencing any of these air conditioning system problems it’s time for AC service and repair— and fast! Get cold air flowing back into your home by filling out the form on this page to schedule your air conditioner repair service call for only $79.

The Air Flow Designs Promise

We don’t simply “band-aid” your problem. We provide you an easy-to-understand diagnosis including air conditioner repair and replacement options that best match your budget. We also offer a 30-day warranty on our diagnosis and a one-year warranty on the exact repair performed by our technician.

That’s peace of mind. That’s Air Flow Designs.

Air Conditioner Repair Service Locations

With locations in Orlando, Tampa, Haines City, and Jacksonville— we’re the “air conditioner repair near me” service experts you’ve been looking for!

Schedule your service by filling out the form on this page or by calling our experts, today!

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Duct Repair and Installation: The Heart of Your Comfort Zone

Unlike our competitors who install a couple of duct systems a year, we install the duct work for over 5,000 new construction homes EVERY YEAR.
Contact us today—when it comes to duct repair, redesign, and installation, we really are the Florida experts.