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A functioning heat pump is just as important during the summer as it is during the winter. Depending on the settings for your Florida home’s heat pump, it can provide your home with warm or cool air. Understanding the signs of needed heat pump repair or replacement can go a long way in saving homeowners time and money.

Air Flow Designs provides comprehensive heat pump services to Florida residents throughout Orlando, Jacksonville, Haines City, and Tampa. Our team has the skills you need for all your installation, repair, replacement, and maintenance needs.

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Heat Pump Service & Solutions for Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, FL Homeowners

Air Flow Designs is your one-stop shop for all heat pump service needs. We provide the following services to residents throughout Orlando, Jacksonville, Haines City, and Tampa, FL:

  • Heat pump installation: Heat pumps offer an excellent way for homeowners to keep their homes comfortable all year long. We can bring increased comfort to your home with our professional heat pump installation services.
  • Heat pump replacement: Our team has decades of experience, providing repair services for any make or model heat pump. If we can’t fix the underlying issue, we’ll provide you with our replacement services, installing a brand-new heat pump in no time.
  • Heat pump repair: From refrigerant leaks and performance malfunctions to faulty controls and grinding motors, our team will quickly diagnose and repair your heat pump to ensure top performance all year long. Our repairs are never temporary, and we always back our repair service with our industry-leading warranty.
  • Heat pump maintenance: Keeping your heat pump in working order means adhering to routine maintenance. With our maintenance services, our team will ensure your system is working correctly, identifying any imminent repair needs before they escalate further.

Have confidence in your heat pump’s abilities to keep you comfortable year after year by contacting Air Flow Designs.

From your installation and replacement to repair and maintenance, we’ve got all of your heat pump service needs covered!

Signs You Need Heat Pump Service at Your Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, or Haines City, FL Home

Contrary to what the name suggests, a heat pump acts as a central heating and cooling system that transfers heat from a cold area to a hot area. Whenever temperatures drop in Florida, your heat pump will keep your house warm. In the summer, the system operates in reverse to provide your home with cooler temperatures.

There are many signs homeowners need to look out for if they suspect repairs may be necessary, including the following:

  • Failure to heat or cool the home
  • Frequently cycling on or off
  • Ice development
  • Faulty controls, relays, or sensors
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Strange noises or smells coming from the system

If you notice these warning signs of heat pump problems, it’s best to schedule professional service ASAP! These problems will only get worse the longer they’re ignored, and that can mean higher repair costs or the need for a brand-new system.

To schedule heat pump repair service in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, FL, contact Air Flow Designs now!

Popular Brands of Heat Pumps We Service

Our expert HVAC contractors have the skills and expertise necessary to diagnose and fix problems with all brands, makes, and models of heat pumps. Plus, we offer responsive, first-class service, so you never have to wait long to the help you need restoring your comfort system!

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For more than 60 years, Air Flow Designs has been proudly providing the full range of cooling services to Florida residents, including those throughout Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa, Haines City, and surrounding areas!

With our expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, we can always provide top-quality heat pump service that offers lasting comfort solutions.

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