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Heating Repair in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, FL

We may not need it as much as other areas of the country, but heating is an essential part of maintaining comfort in your Florida home. As heating systems work year after year, they can experience normal wear and tear that can cause systems to act up or break down. When that happens at your Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa or Haines City home, you’ll need a trusted HVAC contractor to help set things right—you’ll need Air Flow Designs!

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We are specially trained to work on any make or model heating unit, providing fast, efficient repair services to restore your comfort system.

Signs It’s Time for Heating Repair for Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, FL

Heaters often show warning signs of problems as things start to go wrong. If you suspect your system isn’t working as well as it should, look out for these red flags that it’s time for heating repair service:

  • Increasing electric bill: An unusually high energy bill is a clear sign that your heater isn’t operating as efficiently as it should because something’s not right.
  • Cold spots: If certain areas of your home are much colder than others, this uneven heating could signal an issue with your unit.
  • Inaccurate thermostat: When your home stays cold despite raising the temperature higher and higher on your thermostat, it’s a sign your heater needs repair service.
  • Unusual noises: Your system should never make banging, clanking, moaning, or any other mechanical sounds. If it does, it’s time to call an expert for help.
  • Poor air quality: Musty, dusty, or stale air in the home can be another indication that your heating system has problems.

One of the most prominent signs that something is severely wrong with your home’s furnace is if your pilot light appears yellow. Healthy furnaces’ pilot lights will burn blue. If you notice your furnace’s pilot light has turned yellow, evacuate the home immediately and contact Air Flow Designs for repair services! A yellow pilot light means your system could be producing poisonous carbon monoxide gas—a serious health hazard for you and your family.

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Full-Service Heating Repair Company in Orlando, Jacksonville, Tampa & Haines City, FL

At Air Flow Designs, our team is specially trained to work on any make or model heating unit. We are skilled at diagnosing and repairing all sorts of heating system issues, including:

Our team of trusted HVAC contractors will ensure your home has heat restored in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Heating Repair

Why is my heater blowing cold air?

If you feel cold air coming from your vents when your heater is on, you may have a dirty flame sensor. When your flame sensor is dirty, it won’t allow your gas burner to stay lit. Fortunately, your local heating professional can easily repair this problem, and routine maintenance will prevent it from re-occurring.

How do I reset my heating system?

You can quickly reset your heating system by turning it off via the thermostat or breaker. You should wait 1-2 minutes before turning back on and know that it could take up to 10 minutes for your outdoor unit to start back up.

How do I know if my heater is broken?

Lack of heat output, loud and unusual noises coming from your system, or unexpected spikes in your energy bill are all sure signs that something is amiss with your heating system. Your HVAC technician will be able to easily asses the issue and provide prompt repairs where needed.

Do I really need heating maintenance?

Much like a tune-up for your car or an annual check-up with your doctor, your home’s heating system will benefit greatly from annual, preventative maintenance. Not only will it extend the overall service life of your heating system, but it will also alert you to any small issues before they become larger and more expensive problems.

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